Tempera Premium Cuvée

Made from the highest quality grapes from sunny Dalmatia: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Vranac. Aged in 225 L and 500 L barrels of Slavonian oak for twelve months. Deep red in color, full-bodied, concentrated, with moderate tannins. The taste is smooth, with ripe tannins, berry fruit, and abundant spicy notes, with hints of chocolate and coffee on the palate. Very structured and warm in taste. Serve at a temperature of 16-18°C with strongly flavored meat dishes, beef dishes such as steak, lamb ribs, or beef goulash; also pairs well with mature cheeses. Recommendation - decant before serving!

CLASSIFICATION:High-quality dry red wine

VINEYARD:Northern Dalmatia

SORT:Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Vranac

AGING:12 months in 500 L and 225 L barrels of Slavonian oak

VOLUME AND ALCOHOL:0,75 l - 13,5% alc


Painterly or wine-like? Definitely wine-like, yet infused with artistic flair. The Latin term "temperare" suggests blending in proportions, whether for creating a masterpiece on canvas or crafting a delightful drinking experience. Skeptics may doubt: Impossible! But with a skilled conductor such as an alchemist who is seeking the elixir of youth, it becomes attainable. Blend, cuvée, or, in the Croatian context, a mix, consistently poses the biggest challenge for winemakers. Even tried-and-tested combinations can be tough, especially when exploring new territories, where there are no trail markers, to use a mountaineering analogy. It's a big challenge, a bold endeavour where worries thankfully have not tainted the canvas, but instead, Tempera’s character will eventually, with time and maturation, reveal its true essence. Through aging, it will surely gain depth and a refined, luxurious retro taste, leaving a lasting impression. Let's not forget, wine is the sole 'colour' meant to be savoured!

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