Visit us!

Visit us at our new winery in Zagreb, where we offer guided tastings of our wines, whether for individuals or smaller groups. Explore our story and cellar, and discover firsthand what makes us unique in Croatian winemaking.

Danube Valley in the heart of Croatia.

The winemaking story began on the Danube-drenched hills of the Erdut wine region, where a small family winery produced its first drops of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc. Over the years, guided by the keen nose of our head winemaker, Domagoj Klasiček, our winemaking adventure took us from Ilok to the island of Brač in search of new aromas and wine challenges. Dear connoisseurs, you recognized our passion, and step by step, our small Erdut winery could no longer keep up with the growth. The idea of the main winery located in Zagreb arose from the desire to create wines under the same roof and to host presentations accompanied by tastings for our guests. Thus, after years of planning, we proudly invite you to visit us at the Danube Embassy in the heart of Croatia. Join us to taste the fruits of our wine adventures and allow us to share the story of our wine.

Hrašćanska 40
10020 Zagreb

Where are we located?

Our location in Hrašće, Zagreb, is easily and conveniently accessible. Within twenty minutes by car or bus from the center of Zagreb, or just ten minutes from the airport, you'll find yourself on the charming streets of a small village called Hrašće, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are also close to Velika Gorica. It's an ideal destination for cyclists as well. Come visit! See you at Iuris Winery!

Cellar with the scent of oak.

Whether it's about vinification or aging, a barrel made of Slavonian oak is indispensable for every winemaker. Over the years of practicing cellar skills, we've uncovered the little secrets and differences in the quality and aroma of the barrels themselves. This is reflected in our selection - a blend of older traditional barrels and entirely new modern ones. If you visit us, you'll experience a living cellar where some wines are still in the process of settling in barrels (sur lie), while others are slowly maturing with hints of vanilla, smoke, and toasted oak. Our archive holds carefully selected vintages to which we dedicate all the necessary time and care in a constant search for that special sip, a true delight.

The color palette of our terroirs.

Each picture is distinguished by a specific color palette, describing its character, imbuing it with an atmosphere, and offering the author an opportunity for their unique creative signature. Our approach to winemaking reflects this philosophy; each vineyard or grape variety represents a color on the palette, providing us with the chance to narrate a story about the region, the land, and the people who have maintained the winemaking tradition for centuries. By tasting Iuris wines, you will experience the morning freshness of the Danube, the alluring scents of Slavonian flora, the velvety texture of black soil in contrast with the sparse peat full of mineral aromas, and finally, the scent of stone bathed in sea and the sun-kissed Dalmatian terra rossa. Each of these landscapes represents a color on our palette, and each of our wines is a picture and a moment in time with the creative signature of the author – the winemaker – offered for your enjoyment as we continue our quest for new colors and new pictures. Join us on our journey and share with us the passion for exploration and the enjoyment of the beauties of Croatian terroirs.

Iuris Shop.

For all visitors, the boutique Iuris Shop within the Iuris Winery is always open. Here, you can purchase all our wines, gift packages, premium corkscrews, and much more. A true little oasis for every wine enthusiast! If you're unable to visit us in person, you can always access the range in our online store.

Wines from the archives.

In the depths of the winery, wines from those special vintages mature when nature, terroir, and man danced to the same rhythm, creating wines worthy of archival storage. Alongside the large vintages lie the wines that need time in bottles to settle and develop their full potential. Only after this process do we offer them to you for enjoyment. Some of the archival wines may not be available on the shelves, but after aging, you can find them in our onsite wine shop.