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Rosé +

We have dressed our famous Cyclists in a distinctive yet completely new attire! However, inside the bottle, you will find the wine you have been accustomed to for years – a cheerful and crisp rosé, rich in fruity aromas, appealing to every wine enthusiast. Now available in most retail centers or in our physical and online shop.


Sauvignon Blanc

Our long-standing classic, almost from the very beginning of our winemaking journey, the original Saltwater represents innovation and a desire to present classic international varieties in an entirely new light. Fragrant and lively, it proudly carries the Danubian flag, for your enjoyment and our honor.


Tempera Premium Cuvée

A long-envisioned project marrying two diametrically opposite wine characters, the spirited aromas of Dalmatia harmonized with smooth and lively tones of the Danube, united in a bed of oak. Decadent and audaciously conceptual, it deserves a place on every wine connoisseur's list!

Join us!

Visit us at our new winery in Zagreb, where we offer guided tastings of our wines, individually or for smaller groups. Explore our story and cellar, and discover firsthand what makes us unique in Croatian winemaking.

More than wine, more than a winery.

Our winemaking story is unconventional, woven with journeys, discoveries, and experiments. We deeply believe that this makes us unique, providing us with the opportunity to express creativity not only in crafting wines but also in how we present our aromas to you. We view our winery as an embassy of our vineyards, where you can taste and learn more about the region from which each wine in our broad palette originates. Located in Zagreb, it represents a unique destination for every wine enthusiast who wants to taste and witness where and how wines are created and matured. Experience the Danube region in the heart of Croatia!

Iuris Shop.

For all visitors, the Iuris Shop within the Iuris Winery is always open. Here, you can purchase all our wines, gift packages, premium corkscrews, and much more. A true little oasis for every wine enthusiast! If you're unable to visit us in person, you can always access our range in our online store.

Taste with us.

Arrange a wine tasting with us and, through guided tastings, discover what makes us unique. Explore our cellar and learn how Iuris wines come to life, all in one place at our new winery. An ideal excursion for you and your friends or an elegant present for your business partners.