Premium Fume Blanc

A very luscious Sauvignon Blanc is distinguished by its bright yellow color and crystal clarity. The aroma is rich and elegant, revealing vegetative notes intertwined with tones of tropical fruits, ripe cantaloupe, apricot, and citrus. The uniqueness of this wine stems from maturing in new 500-liter oak barrels and aging on fine lees. The taste is varied, with characteristic freshness, discreet mineral notes spiced with hints of smoke, and a long-lasting harmonious flavour. Serve at 10-12°C with grilled fatty fish, shellfish, oriental cuisine, especially sushi and wok, as well as creamy risottos. Recommendation - decant before serving!

CLASSIFICATION:High-quality dry white wine

VINEYARD:Croatian Danube

SORT:Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Silvanac Zeleni (Green Silvaner)

AGING:12 months in 500-liter lightly toasted Slavonian oak barrels

VOLUME AND ALCOHOL:0,75 l - 13% alc


Painterly or wine-like? Definitely wine-like, yet infused with artistic flair. The Latin term "temperare" suggests blending in proportions, whether for creating a masterpiece on canvas or crafting a delightful drinking experience. Skeptics may doubt: Impossible! But with a skilled conductor such as an alchemist who is seeking the elixir of youth, it becomes attainable. Blend, cuvée, or, in the Croatian context, a mix, consistently poses the biggest challenge for winemakers. Even tried-and-tested combinations can be tough, especially when exploring new territories, where there are no trail markers, to use a mountaineering analogy. It's a big challenge, a bold endeavour where worries thankfully have not tainted the canvas, but instead, Tempera’s character will eventually, with time and maturation, reveal its true essence. Through aging, it will surely gain depth and a refined, luxurious retro taste, leaving a lasting impression. Let's not forget, wine is the sole 'colour' meant to be savoured!

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