Cabernet Sauvignon

A wine of intense ruby-red color. It exhibits elegance, complexity, and intensity on the nose. Pronounced floral notes of violet and red fruit, including blackberry and red currant, are complemented by hints of green pepper and mint. The wine is in perfect balance, displaying finesse and class, with firm and rounded tannins in its fruit-mineral structure, a medium body, and a long aftertaste. A wine that one will always gladly return to, sipping it in the hope of discovering the unfamiliar in the familiar! Serve at a temperature of 16-18°C.

CLASSIFICATION:High-quality dry red wine

VINEYARD:Danube Valley

SORT:Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

AGING:Stainless steel tanks

VOLUME AND ALCOHOL:0,75 l - 13% alc


An artisanal line of wines carrying the distinctive mark of its winemaker, crafted to appeal to a younger demographic seeking a departure from traditional wine styles. The name comes from an underground lake beneath Erdut, known as "Saltwater". In their approach, these wines are more reminiscent of New World varieties than classic European ones. They boast rich aromas, with the Cabernet displaying pronounced fruitiness (particularly intense berry aromas), while the Sauvignon exhibits an exceptionally herbal character. Prominent minerality and a wealth of aromas are the hallmark characteristics of wines from the Saltwater series.

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