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A paint or a wine colour? Definitely a wine colour, but with characteristics of a paint colour. In Latin, temperare means to proportionately mix so that the mixture can be used for painting, that is, so that it can be drunk with pleasure. This wine blend is, in a way, a ‘collision’ between the West and the East because four sorts, two European: cabernet sauvignon and merlot and two Balkan sorts: vranac and plavac mali, coexist in it, talk to each other and sing in unison. Sceptics will say: Mission impossible! Not really if the conductor can own up to the alchemy in his quest for the preparation of the elixir of youth. Cuvée, coupage, blend or, mostly Croatian, mixtures are always the greatest challenges for oenologists, winemakers. Even the combinations that have proven to be good are challenging to make, especially when you venture onto an unbeaten path with no markings (using hiking lingo). Here we were somewhere half way. The West has proven that it functions, but the East, plavac mali and vranac combined, and then with the modern West. It was a great challenge and a brave undertaking where the colours, luckily, did not smudge all over the canvas in this vinorel that, over time and through aging, will show the true value of Tempera that is sure to darken with depth developed by aging and mature, luxurious wine aftertaste that is remembered. Let us not forget that wine is the only colour we drink!

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