Tempera (Premium Cuvée)

Tempera 2017 is on the market in new bottle and with new label!  Most complex wine at the same time aspire to the title of the best wine of our winery. A difficult task, up to you to judge! This blend – unlike our blends of the Cyclists series , where the overt intention of the winemaker is certain didacticism, and teaching potential consumers, as expressed by the content in the bottle and design – goes a step further, which makes it clear in the very name of wine (Premium Cuvée). Pairing the highest quality grapes of four varieties of sunny Dalmatia is a solid drinkable piece of work, but real wine connoisseurs delight over  Tempera’s potential in coming.

Technological characteristics: the wine is a blend of four varieties: Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Vranac and Plavac mali. Traditional method of maceration in old oak barrels of 500 liters and aged in oak barrels of 225 liters and 500 liters for 12 months.



0,75 l 13,5% 2017.


The wine is clear, brick tones.


On the nose aromas of ripe, red fruit.


Tannic and full of spicy notes, complex, very structural.

Where to buy

Exclusive distributor of the Iuris Winery is the sister company GASTRO PANTHEON Ltd. In supermarkets: Interspar, Kaufland, Kordun, Lidl, Metro, Prehrana, Spar, Vrutak and many others. Hotel chains and houses and many restaurants from Istria to Dubrovnik also have our wines on the wine list.

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