Muškatni Silvanac / Sauvignon Blanc

A synonym for the Sauvignon Blanc variety can be found under that name in order to differentiate it from the other Sauvignon in our assortment, Saltwater Sauvignon. The love felt by the enologist of the Iuris Winery somewhat reminds us of the legend of the French king, Henry IV of Navarro. In order to get strong, he was regularly fed a teaspoon of Sauvignon when he was a child. Allegedly, King Henry became a Sauvignon expert.

Grapes for this wine come from vineyards that are, on average, more than 60 years old, one of the oldest Sauvignon vineyards in the Danube area. The wine is dry, smooth, elegant, sophisticated with a light aroma of elderberry and lemon. It is one of those wines that has the right to embody the ancient idea that wine is a drink of redemption.

Technological data: partial defoliation of the grapevine, late vintage, vinification in a wooden barrel, aging on the Battonage yeast, aging in barrels made of French, Slavonian and American oak for a minimum period of 12 months, bottle aging for a period of 4 months.

0,75 l 12,5% 2018.


Hay-yellow colour with a greenish hue, medium viscosity and crystal purity and clarity.


In addition to the herbal intensity, the primary aromas offer plenty of citrus fruits with perfectly harmonised mineral freshness and white flowers; a note of brioche, toast and citrus upon opening.


Medium intensity and concentration of floral-fruity flavours are combined on the palate, creamy texture; dry, full and harmonious body, structured with exceptional harmony and sophistication, long-lasting aftertaste.

Where to buy

Exclusive distributor of the Iuris Winery is the sister company GASTRO PANTHEON Ltd. In supermarkets: Interspar, Kaufland, Kordun, Lidl, Metro, Prehrana, Spar, Vrutak and many others. Hotel chains and houses and many restaurants from Istria to Dubrovnik also have our wines on the wine list.

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