Limited edition

Jazz Vibes

Jazz Vibes by Borna Šercar (60 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 20 % Merlot, 20 % Plavac Mali) is a limited wine series created thanks to Kairos, the Greek God of Opportune Moment, and was inspired by the art dialogue about the musical, wine and life philosophies between two virtuosos who coupaged the first Croatian jazz-wine as they hung out together. A wine maker who plays music to his wines and a musician who plays music on wine bottles created a wine of playful, colourful and harmonious flavours and aromas, created as a promotion for the new jazz album by Borna Šercar, a croatian drummer, entitled “Wagner Goes to Hollywood”.

Technological data: selected vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Plavac Mali with optimal grape yield, vinification in wooden barrels, aging in barrels made of Slavonian and American oak for a minimum period of 12 months and additional 8 months in the bottles.

0,75 l 13,5% 2013.


matt dark red colour with a pale watery meniscus that suggests the wine is aged; clean and transparent.


ripe red and black fruits (cranberries, red plums and herbs), lower intensity and concentration.


lighter body and structure, very smooth, soft and completed with a strong acid spine, nasal aftertaste of medium longevity.

Where to buy

Exclusive distributor of the Iuris Winery is the sister company GASTRO PANTHEON Ltd. In supermarkets: Interspar, Kaufland, Kordun, Lidl, Metro, Prehrana, Spar, Vrutak and many others. Hotel chains and houses and many restaurants from Istria to Dubrovnik also have our wines on the wine list.

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