Cabernet + Merlot

The only non-white wine in the Cyclist Series is the classical Bordeaux coupage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The wine is dry, mid-bodied, exceptionally drinkable with tannins that are almost invisible. If you have just recently entered the world of wine and are just learning the wine language, then this unpretentious ‘naked’ wine will reveal to you the fundamental magic of the two varieties and present it to you in the best light, in its simplicity that can be upgraded or made more complex when needed, never forgetting its beginnings and its final purpose – wine belongs on the dining table with our daily meals.

Technological data: complete defoliation of the grapevine, traditional vinification in stainless steel tanks for a period of 14 days, aging in barrels made of French, Slavonian and American oak for a minimum period of 12 months, bottle aging for a period of 4 months.

0,75 l 12,5% 2020.


Ruby to dark red colour. Crystal purity and clarity.


Aroma of red plum, black cherry, black raspberry and a slight floral tone.


Very harmoniously balanced wine with medium light body and medium-long aftertaste.

Where to buy

Exclusive distributor of the Iuris Winery is the sister company GASTRO PANTHEON Ltd. In supermarkets: Interspar, Kaufland, Kordun, Lidl, Metro, Prehrana, Spar, Vrutak and many others. Hotel chains and houses and many restaurants from Istria to Dubrovnik also have our wines on the wine list.

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