Love Wine with a Beer Signature

The visual identity of the bottle label for the Muscat wine from the Live Love Series, at least as far as I know, does not resemble any of the wine bottle labels created in Croatia so far, and perhaps even beyond. Bold, wacky and off-the-wall! If you saw the bottle, you would think it was a beer bottle, when, in fact, it is a wine bottle, but it has the feel of beer, pubs and breweries. If you thought that a beer brew master made the bottle label for this wine, you would be wrong but on the right track. The designer signature belongs to a tattoo master who is, obviously, a beer drinker. Even if he is not a wine drinker, perhaps he will reach for it more often following this ‘wine bottle label’. He drinks beer but he was invited to design a label for a wine bottle. That was the catch. The decision to seek innovative solutions that are “edgy” and “avant-garde” is a constant in the business philosophy of the Iuris Winery. This way, not only the resemblance to 0.75 beer (champagne) bottles sealed with crown caps, but also the drawing that is ‘more suitable’ for a beer bottle label seems to be borrowed from, or influenced by small producers of the so called craft beers – who have, without a precedent, shaken up the Croatian alcoholic drink market in every way during the past year or two – along with the associated creative industries. Obviously, the Sob Art & Tattoo Studio from Osijek had the same approach to the theme for the Muscat wine from the Live Love Series.

What is the next step? Surely not a beer with a wine bottle label or a beer wine. Well, at least not for us at the Iuris Winery. We are wine makers so we will let players, such as the Italian brewery “Birra del borgo“ that questions the flavour amalgams of wine and beer, that is, of beer and wine, cross the boundaries within the bottle, or, mix beer and wine.

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