Live Love with Love!

This series, in terms of its name, was conceptualised as the wine behind the departure from the wine mainstream, if there is such a thing here (?), and moving into the unknown that is, does that need to be specifically emphasized, a trait of a life filled with love, that is, love filled with life/wine! Three new wines from this series: Pink Moscato, Traminer Riesling and Cabernet Merlot Syrah, their best version, are proof of that. The basic leading thought or the common characteristic of all three wines is the pronounced freshness and softness with a rich harmonious flavour. Since the trend of fresh drinkable wines with relatively low alcohol levels is currently dominating the global wine scene, our newcomers perfectly blend in with this orientation. I can tell you that the author of these lines, when he first started and was getting acquainted with the wine phenomenon, especially in terms of red wine, considered the alcohol percentage as one of the key criteria. What kind of red wine is the one that has (only!) 12.5 % alcohol? This is not surprising since we mostly started with our Plavac wines where truly, at least in the beginning, the top quality indicator was a high alcohol percentage and the accompanying quick and high drunkenness state of the drinker. In the meantime, the statement by A. Tomić you don’t drink by litres, but by hours did a good job and heavy Plavac wines started getting consumed in a classy, moderate manner and being enjoyed since their alcohol levels were not significantly reduced.
We could say that the philosophical foundation of wines with low alcohol levels was created by drunkards/heavy drinkers since they always drank wines with relatively low alcohol levels since they were concerned with the quantity of the medium and the process of getting drunk, and the result was on the other side of hope and doubts they could no longer influence. This way, even those ‘outcasts’ might have contributed to current trends always knowing that the JOURNEY was important and crucial and not the goal because people tend to be exhausted when they find it.

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