2015 Merlot

Just like the 2015 cabernet sauvignon, this merlot, in terms of its expression and vinification, is identical to its brother and is also a product, a blend, of several vineyards (multi blend). We know, you miss that 2009 merlot, but let the bygones be bygones. Would we be serious winemakers if we had it ‘all the time’ and if we reached for such a well-known Croatian model of making a quick buck in the business of winemaking? Not only in that one that is drained by the increased quantities of production engineering  which is something that is detrimental to the quality and water and, in the end, something that results in the loss of trust by the wine audience, or consumers, who were difficult to gain.
The distinct freshness and fruitiness of this wine with a golden alcohol cut of 12.5 % simply tempts you to enjoy it, when you have a reason to drink or not. It, in the right sense, answers that eternal question: When to drink? Anytime!

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