Sweet Traminer

Golden-yellow with a greenish shimmer and high clarity. Mature citrus fruits, roses, and lychee create a layered aromatic profile. On the palate, it is very smooth and supple, with exceptional harmony and refreshing acidity, rich in flavour with a gentle hint of minerality. Serve with chicken, oriental dishes, and desserts at 8-10°C.

CLASSIFICATION:High-quality semi-sweet white wine

VINEYARD:Ilok - the easternmost part of Croatia

SORT:Traminac mirisavi (Gewürztraminer)

AGING:Stainless steel barrels

VOLUME AND ALCOHOL:0,75 l - 12% alc


The Sweet line of semi-sweet wines offers you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the enchanting notes of Sweet Muscat, the lively allure of Pink Muscat, and the lavish charm of Sweet Traminer. This selection of sweet wines serves as a perfect introduction for new wine enthusiasts, providing refreshment and enjoyment. It's an ideal option for relaxing at home. We recommend enjoying them with spicy oriental and Asian cuisine, as well as flavourful dishes. Discover a delightful treat for your palate in our Sweet wine line. Sweet wine - always in style, always irresistible.

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