Sauvignon + Graševina

Presenting luxurious Sauvignon characteristics, however, with less intensity - grassy notes and apple fruitiness. Excellent balance of Sauvignon and Welschriesling (Graševina), but with Sauvignon being more dominant on the palate with a clearer aromatic profile. Lively and enjoyable acidity elevates the richness of this dry blend. Fresh apple aromas in the aftertaste pay tribute to Welschriesling. It pairs wonderfully with calamari and grilled vegetables, lightly seasoned vegetable dishes, and chicken salads. Serving temperature: 8-10 °C.

CLASSIFICATION:High-quality dry white wine

VINEYARD:Eastern Continental Croatia

SORT:Sauvignon Blanc 50% + Welschriesling (Graševina) 50%

AGING:Stainless steel tanks

VOLUME AND ALCOHOL:0,75 l - 11,5% alc


The line is conceived as a project aimed at offering vibrant young wines to a younger consumer at an affordable price. The name "radler" originates from the beer world, where, according to legend, a German innkeeper mixed beer with lemonade to satisfy his regular cyclist customers when he realized he didn't have enough beer for them. Essentially adopting this idea but adapting it to our own approach, and starting with the premise that blending white varieties with Graševina (Welschriesling) was a natural path for the line's development, as Graševina is widely consumed in Croatia, we found a way to enter this crowded market, so to speak, "through the back door". This created a platform for the average Graševina consumer to explore other regional varieties. By definition and function, the line fully reflects our contemporary approach - wines in blends not only reflect the local terroir but also provide additional value through the 'two in one' principle (symbol "+"), offering an authentic wine that deviates from the traditional approach. The wines are innovative, fresh, and multi-dimensional in their simplicity. Radler has become a tandem with us!

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